Trying to Pack

I’m supposed to be packing, in preparation to move but find myself distracted as usual. It’s not really the tedium of packing that gets to me, but all those little decisions that have to be made as I encounter every item that has been sitting on my shelf or hiding behind my door for months. “Do I really need this can of hairspray?” “Should I abandon my clothes folding to collect all my scattered hair bands before I forget?” and so on.

Then I have to break down what items I’m giving to my sister to keep, which items I’m sending to my dad to hold for me, which items I will need for my 4 day long wedding trip, and which items I will need on a regular basis until I move in with my cousin. I find that instant decision making is one of my weakest critical skills. Like my dad, I mull over the possibilities, play out varying scenarios, hypothesize differing outcomes, and reassess as new information comes along. Yeah I’m a freak.

But I guess that does help to explain why I suck at trying to move myself out. Note to self; I will need to get better at this if PCSing isn’t going to be a nightmare.

I’m not truly saying goodbye to New York yet–I will be back to finish out my last week of work after Labor Day. I wonder how nostalgic I will feel when it’s time for me to go. Here I am, leaving almost exactly 2 years after I arrived and it was every bit as wonderful as I guessed it would be. I intended to make this city my home; I was not counting on becoming a military wife so soon if at all.

At the same time I will be glad to have all this stress over and done with. Truthfully, I have not enjoyed being engaged nearly as much as I thought I would be. Or feel I should be. I guess it’s more difficult when your fiance is stationed on the other side of the country, but maybe that’s just me. Moving away from New York just moves me into the last phase of engagement.

Let’s hope I can get this done in a coherent fashion in time for tomorrow (or maybe I will just call out…). Then it’s off to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings. Sigh! I can’t believe we’re all getting married now. Crazy.


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