September is my favorite time of year. It’s right on the cusp of change that makes you wait with baited breath to see what happens next. This year I was lucky enough to spend the first week in New York City working FNO, and then escaping to the Massachusetts coastline to finish out the rest of the month.

I love NYC so much, I consider it my true home in many ways. However, with the anticiaption of leaving my job and several moves between now and the wedding, I was relieved to finally head up to cooler shores and just unwind. I moved in with my cousin (who is marrying the week before me) and hope to cobble together the last details of my long distance wedding. In the process, I like to think I’m helping turn her two story victorian rental over from a single’s pad to a cozy couple’s nest.

Yesterday we scrubbed and primed trim, and painted her new bedroom. I cleaned out half the fridge. I need to finish cleaning all of it, but I’m torn between doing that and working on the wedding deadlines I have looming over my head. Which I really don’t want to do. I can’t wait until the wedding is done. I hate handling all these details… which is strange because I do a lot of that for work but, somehow it’s different when it’s for me. Like housework, I find it easier to do when it’s for someone who doesn’t live in my house.

I’m writing this during commercial breaks while catching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (oh TV! A luxury, like A/C denied me in NYC). It’s the episode about the US/Mexican border and of course the food culture surrounding it. It made me pause to reflect about my own piece of complex Mexican heritage, and also reminded me of the next big change I’m about to embark upon; the Mojave Desert. I hope I’ll be able to embrace its dramatically different climate and landscape.

Just when I think I want to try my hand at gardening, I land in a desert.


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