3 Weeks Left

On Wednesday I had my final dress fitting. Everything seems to be on track, even if the seamstress did make several slight unauthorized design adjustments to mask imperfections. My grandmother graciously paid for the alterations, which was such a help. After that, we had brunch with my aunt and went to the mall to buy my grandmother something to wear for the wedding. She wanted to buy me a “going away dress”, but was miffed at my reaction that I didn’t need one. A going away dress only makes sense if you’re actually going somewhere–like to catch a flight or a honeymoon–neither of which I’m doing (as I tried to explain to her). We eventually compromised on her gifting me with a rehearsal dinner dress. With the help of my aunt, I picked out something plain and modest. It’s much less flashy than what I normally wear, but I felt my grandmother should have some say in the decision if she was purchasing it for me, and I figured it couldn’t hurt around the future in-laws.

I’m kind of surprised I haven’t been obsessing over a rehearsal dinner dress before. I guess in a way I’m just “over it” with wedding stuff. Well more specifically, I’m over everyone harping on me about what I “should be doing” and “need to get done”. At first I was really excited and meticulously laying out plans, but then as my life spiraled into chaos in NYC (long story involving a huge fight with my sister) I became overwhelmed and shunted planning off to the side.

On top of everything, I just found out that about half our invitations ended up lost in the mail.

Great. T- 21 days!


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