Wedding Wednesday

Damn! My cousin Katy was right–creating a seating chart is a bitch!

I must have spent about 2.5 hours the other night shuffling people around, and that was just people I knew. I wish our venue had a seating chart example so we could visualize what tables to put where.

Since I’m carless, Dad stopped by to pick me up and go grocery shopping. While at Costco, I also looked into the battery operated flameless candles my cousin has been talking about. I did the math and they end up costing about the same as the ones I’ve seen online so we picked up 10 boxes. How much do I need to create a scattered candle effect for a room that holds 150? More than 50? Is spending +$300 for candles crazy? I’m justifying the cost because I think I can recoup about half on Craigslist.

We also bought some gold patterned, organza wired-ribbon to try tying onto chairs, deconstructed my aunt’s veil to see if I can wear it with my very vintage (over 100 years old) bridal crown, took her dress to get hemmed, visited our venue and paid the remaining balance, and also paid for my flowers. Katy talked me into getting a small bouquet professionally made instead of trying to do too much on the actual day. Le sigh for parting with more money! The one upside is that circus roses are one of the few types of flowers I really like, and this way I am certain to get them.


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