the craziness is about to begin

My cousin’s wedding is in two days. My fiance arrives tomorrow. My sister is on her way from NYC tonight. It’s one week away from my own wedding and I’m still trying to nail down ceremony musicians and table centerpieces.

But, I keep getting sucked into looking at DIY design blogs because I’m off in la-la land turning his California rental from a Spartan bachelor pad to a homey home (in my head). I’m dreaming about our house the way other girls dream about their wedding. Which seems strange considering I hate housework and I’m one of the most disorganized people I know. And I keep telling myself I don’t want to be a housewife anyway.

When I think about my sad little wedding, it seems more and more likely that this will not be the best wedding our guests ever attended. My cousin somehow has the energy to plan all these little details (130 mini chalkboards/escort cards she painted herself, photo booths, etc.) for her shindig and still hold a full time job, while I’m drowning planning a run of the mill wedding and unemployed.

To top it all off, the only thing I feel inspired to do is fold 1000 cranes… one week before the wedding (yeah I probably should have started this sooner). Wedding wishes, wedding wishes!


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