Coupons in 29 Palms

If you are a couponer coming to the area, you may be wondering what the terrain is like. I’m here to let you know it’s as sparse as the desert outside! Haha! There is a RP insert that gets delivered once a week along with Pennysaver, but there are no coupons in it (what a tease!). I also haven’t discovered a free local paper with coupons as of yet.

I did a little research to determine which paper gives the best coupon inserts for the 29 Palms area and apparently it’s the L.A. Times, according to various coupon bloggers. I don’t like the idea of spending a lot of money on papers because even though I’m a reader, sometimes I just don’t get through them all and then it’s just more trash piling up. However, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of good deals with only online coupons, particularly anything from P&G as they seem to be exclusively from other printed sources.

Given that Mr. Bloodstripe is vehemently against me dumpster diving for coupons (you should have seen the look of horror on his face when I suggested the idea, punctuated by “No wife of mine goes dumpster diving!” Snob!) and no one we know gets the paper, I realized I had to look into purchasing a subscription. So when I read a Krazy Koupon Lady article about getting the L.A. Times Sunday for $26/52 weeks, I thought “Hey, I’d subscribe for that price!”. For whatever reason KKL didn’t list a code and just shared the experience, but I figured one must be floating around in outerspace somewhere, and I was right.

I have this weird pet peeve about talking to strangers on the phone (don’t make me call for pizza delivery!), so naturally I tried to set up an online subscription first. No dice. For whatever reason, the L.A. Times website does not have a coupon code box. With a sigh of resignation I followed a commenter’s advice and called their customer service number to discover, voila! The code works.

L.A. Times Customer Service: 800-252-9141
Code $26/52 weeks Sunday Paper: 5003

For those of you living on base, I’m sure they would deliver as the agent asked about living in a gated community or complex for delivery purposes. Off base, he told me to expect the paper around 8 AM on Sunday. Too bad coupons are not included in the holiday papers!


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