The Lifelong Learning Library

Today I discovered a great place to park if you are trying to access the Lifelong Learning Library on base. For the last week or so I have avoided dropping off the dvds I checked out on my first visit because the parking situation is so frustrating.

First of all, the library is located in a trailer-like skinny module that looks just like 70% of the other buildings on that street. Craning your neck to figure out which one is the library while driving and trying to avoid hitting Marines crossing the street, or cars backing out into the road, is super annoying. Second, the only real parking the library has is the few spaces directly in front of it–which means backing into traffic on the way out. Those are always full.

My first time there I circled around trying to find nearby parking and ended up going to the Hashmarks parking lot, which was pretty empty at the time. I then walked to the library, which involved crossing a street and trying to pick my way down a block filled with parked cars on the shoulder of the street (which may or may not be backing out), and no pedestrian path.

Long story short, if you park farther down and across the street at the old Exchange building, you can get pretty close to the library and save yourself some hassle (although it still involves trekking through sand and dodging traffic). I also learned that they can do inter-library loans with some Navy/Marine Corps bases, although the link wasn’t posted on the website. I found the link here if you’re interested in using it. I’m pretty excited about the fact that they let me check out past magazine issues! Hooray!


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