It’s only just begun to get cold here. And by “cold” I mean, the cold that the middle of fall usually brings in places that are used to four seasons. It has been really hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year. For one thing, the church we have been attending hasn’t been singing any Christmas songs during their services even though it’s Advent (yes this bums me out!).

I have also realized how important the look of bare trees are to signaling winter/Christmas. Even in the South where I grew up, the weather didn’t get excessively cold but the trees were always bare and that seemed to be enough. Out here where there are so few trees and the sun shines down mercilessly bright, it just feels “off” to talk about holiday baking and decorating.

Not that I can decorate anyway.

The good news is that we finally got a house on base and are moving this week. The bad news is we are moving during Christmas season (making decorating obsolete) and the day before we leave for Hawaii (packing for a 2 week long vacation & a house!). I can’t wait to move though. I will have a DISHWASHER! And central HEATING AND COOLING!

Yes, ladies and gents, living in town can be cheaper but at what cost? Not to mention the history of break-ins military homes have had when the service member gets deployed or goes out in the field in this neck of the woods (or should I say, desert).

Alright enough procrastinating, I have some packing to do! It doesn’t feel like Christmas yet, but maybe it will in Hawaii. 🙂


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