I don’t really understand who purchases People magazine, or US Weekly, or Star and those types of things. Why buy stale news in the checkout line when you can find it all for free and with more detail and entertainment value through gossip blogs?

I’ve thought a lot about the celebrity phenomenon. I think it’s normal for people to be interested in the lives of others. On a basic level, it’s a survival instinct. Knowing what’s happening to those around you enables a person to make choices best suited for their self interest. I’m not excusing invasive photogs or rumor-mongering per se, but to me I can see the thread between where we are now and what it stems from.

In my case I never cared about celebrity gossip until I was about a sophomore in college. I stumbled upon dlisted with Michael K.’s infectious blogging style–a blend of entertaining self deprecation and queeny snark–and was hooked ever after. That is to say, hooked upon Michael K’s writing style. Even if he quit writing about celebrities and took up another topic, I would still read his blog. I don’t know if I would seek out an alternate source for celebrities or if I care about them in particular, since I don’t really bother with any other gossip blogs.

Anyway, every now and then Michael K. will post about something which I might have an opinion on, so I figured I may as well up my own post count by including my thoughts here about what he writes. I don’t comment on dlisted even though I have been following his blog for years and he has a very active community of posters. They seem to use the comment section as an internal message board and it gets tiring to sift through all the comments of people talking to each other just to read the opinions on the actual topic. I wish he would set up a forum instead!

Michael K. is my blogging hero, but I doubt that his style is something realistic for me to imitate. He updates several times a day, and is brutal with his wit. Both qualities I admire but sadly do not possess, haha. All this is to say I may be including more celebrity content in the future, but that’s purely based on how the inspiration strikes me. It will never become a main focus of this blog.


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