Rumer’s Beauty Look, A+

dlisted: “Rumer Willis Was At The GLAAD Media Awards Too.”

dlisted loves to make fun of Rumer “Tater Head” Willis, but I have no problem with her. Yes, her jaw is unfortunate in terms of conventional beauty standards, but so what? My face is too if I’m judged by that same marker. As far as I know about Rumer (which is pretty much zero) she may be in the spotlight because she has famous parents, but at least it isn’t because she’s running around as a delusional, entitled crack-head who thinks they’re above the law.

Some dlisted commenters were picking on her makeup as being too light for her skin, but I think it looks fine. This isn’t a case of ghost face in my opinion. In fact, I think her makeup artist did a great job. These pics are high def and even under that scrutiny her skin looks flawless. Not an easy task! I like in particular the choice to use purple shadow on both lids. See how it brings out the green in her eyes? My own are not hazel enough to have that effect, but I’ve been thinking about playing with a bold blue myself.

I also really like her hair. I’m pretty sure it’s a weave, but it looks very well blended to me. The main thing I like about it is that the gradation is a very bold choice for ombre. I’m really over the barely-there “natural” ombre look. I’m still a fan of ombre, but only if it’s bold like this or with unnatural hair colors.

Big fan of the overall look; Rumer did well here!


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