Thanks, Kim!


[This Is What Kanye’s Face Looks Like When He’s With Kim. : dlisted]

Everyone seems to hate Kim Kardashian. Me? I pity her, now more than ever.

Bitch is knocked up with Kanye’s kid and he just looks like he wants OUT! This picture says it all; she’s trying to hold on and he’s over it! It’s like, even if she wasn’t his girlfriend shouldn’t you as a decent person be taking a more active roll in trying to help a giant pregnant lady up a curb?

Kim centers her identity around being physically attractive, and here she is “getting ugly” for some dude that doesn’t even give a shit! Getting pregnant with Kanye was a no-brainer way to earn a check for the next 18 years, especially when she’s already rich enough so she can just leave her kid with nannies full-time. If she was just gonna go for knocked up (as opposed to intentionally starting a family with a partner), it’s smart that she waited to do it with Kanye.

However, I just feel bad for her. I see her and think of a woman who only sees her value in terms of her own physical beauty. She’s only worth something as long as she’s good looking. And now her pregnancy has “ruined” that. Or in other words, she’s experiencing a monumental time in a woman’s life and she hates every second of it instead of embracing it and radiating inner beauty. Or whatever that mumbo jumbo about expectant mothers and “glow” is all about.

Not once during her relationship with Kris Humphries was I convinced it was real, but I do think she really cares about being with Kanye. Probably even thinks she loves him as a person, not just as a famous, rich guy (although I’m sure it helps). I mean just look at the weird-ass “designer clothes” of his she wears all the time. That’s love. Now she’s having his baby and he couldn’t give two shits and is already on his way out of the relationship.

From one woman to another, it pains me to see a female desperately clutching (literally in this case) to a dude who is checked out. Girl, He’s Just Not That Into You. Normally my advice would be to save your dignity and quit trying to win him over, but the punchline writes itself. This is Kim. There is no dignity left. Money, fame, beauty… and look at where she is right now in life.

She makes me realize my own good fortune as a member of the anonymous poors, married to a hard working and honest man. Thank you Kim, and I do mean that sincerely.


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