Pride and Prejudice Thoughts: Part 2

Speaking of Charlotte, another version that I think has handled her role really well is the youtube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I rolled my eyes at first thinking it was going to be some weak imitation in the way that “Carrie Diaries” is to SATC , but I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. A big plus for me; a multi-ethnic cast! Yes, my little personal “yay thing” is seeing more Asian Americans and mixed people on American visual media; this mini-show has both! Yay! Charlotte’s falling out scene with Lizzie (Elizabeth) was particularly well done;

Some people complained that marriage is not the same thing as deciding to accept a job,  therefore, this scene lacks the dramatic ramifications of the original. But I disagree. I think in today’s developed countries, marriage is looked at much like having a career outside the home used to be; nice if you can have it, but it certainly shouldn’t take priority over what’s Really Important (now a career, back then marriage). Modern upper middle class women are expected to focus their goals and life on a career; marriage is like a hobby. No self respecting woman actually makes marriage her focus (yes, I’m giving myself SIDE EYE). So yes, I think it’s comparable in terms of personal meaning.

Also, keep in mind that for Charlotte to take this job she has to move away and quit grad school. That right there is pretty big. I like the emphasis that Lizzie puts on “selling out”; I think that’s a huge Under 30 concept that creatives toss around. It’s used partially out of genuine disregard for insincerity, but also as a slur against anyone who evaluates their material needs to be greater than “their art”.

But I actually got misty eyed a few episodes later when Jane comes clean about her feelings for Bing and their breakup;

Never thought a youtube video could elicit that reaction from me! Really phenomenal; I too wanted to reach out and put my arms around Jane as she broke down.

So far I’m really enjoying this adaptation. I’m over halfway finished and just started catching up on Lydia’s diaries. I love how they really turned Lydia into a sympathetic and almost tragic (but still annoying!) character. And I love the twist they put on Mary and Kitty’s characters! Very clever! If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice but haven’t seen these webisodes, you need to check it out.

I didn’t think this classic story could get any better–and then they dropped in LotR and Game of Thrones jokes and I realized–yes it could!


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